Hello. I’m Tim.

Currently, I’m attempting to gain a Ph.D. in physics from Heidelberg University for my work on the effect of intrinsic galaxy alignments on surveys of cosmic weak gravitational lensing. Catchy, huh?
I’m a member of the physics graduate schools HGSFP and IMPRS and I’m working at Astronomisches Recheninstitut, which is part of the Centre for Astronomy at Heidelberg University.

I’ve also co-written a university textbook with two other physicists for physics as a minor subject, as taken by students of medicine, natural sciences, pharmacy, etc., published by Springer publishing.

Apart from physics I’m interested in politics, history, music, comedy, and games/sports.

I’m a member of the German SPD (labour) party, and am acting as vice chairman of the local party division in Heidelberg-Neuenheim, as well as being a delegate to the regional Heidelberg SPD conference.
My favourite talking points are in foreign and security policy, economic policy, digital age policies, and research/educational policy.
I’m a believer in the separation of church and state, something German politics lacks, and am also strongly in favour of a federal European state.
I’m furthermore a student of Esperanto, as I find the idea of a neutral global auxiliary language to be a very practical and commendable idea.